Early Payments
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Get your invoices paid early  – money that you can use to invest in new stock,
expand your business, or just to manage your cash flow smoothly.

Quick Funding

No Credit Checks

Paperless Transaction

Why Lamaa?

No Promissory Notes or LC

Get quick and easy access to funding using Lamaa without the need for any promissory notes or LC

Instant & Paperless

Real time decisions on invoices means you can get paid in hours instead of months

More control of your cashflow

Lamaa's smart bid technology enables you to optimise your discounts based on how much cash you need and when

How does it work?


Register Your Business

We’re designed with small businesses in mind. In fact any Small and Medium enterprise can register. All we ask is:


Bid on Your Invoices for Early Payment

Find all your invoices in one place. Choose how much cash you need, and our SMARTBID Technology will optimize the best discounts for you


Complete Agreements Online

Submit your selected bids and complete the paperless agreements on Lamaa, and get approved for payment instantly


Get Paid

When agreements are submitted, the funding will be available within 24 hours.

Define goals for Cash Flow, Discounts, and ROI.

Lamaa gives you a real time picture of your invoices pending and a suite of analytics tools to help you make an informed decision

We’re here to help you grow

These are only some examples of what you can do with the funds

“ We were waiting for Google payments to come through and Lamaa’s early payment offering helped bridge a funding gap. We were in full control of how much discount we gave. Giving us the ability to service another order and expand.“

Mohammad, KSA Foods

Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions our customers ask. If there’s anything
we haven’t covered here, check our FAQ

Lamaa is an Early payment invoice discounting company focused on the supply chain finance and empowering SME’s by getting their payments early
Lamaa enables decision-making by advanced algorithms which helps buyers to offer competitive discount rates on invoices. There is no requirement for promissory notes and no lengthy documentation. Decisions are quick and you have the funds required within a few hours.
Lamaa is the facilitator between you and the lender. We will reach out to your client to pay the invoice early – at a discount you are willing to offer! If the buyer is not keen, we reach out to banks, financial institutions and private investors to make the funding possible. We are almost always able to find you the funds you require!
Yes. Lamaa is a Saudi Arabia registered company and fully SAMA compliant
Go ahead and click on the Fund Me process to get registered. Once you are registered we will be in touch to set up the funding process. As soon as the setup is complete, you are ready to go get funded.

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