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Invest In One Of The
Fastest Growing Markets

LAMAA GNPL designed to serve business like you. Easy to access, immediate funding that you control Shariah Compliant, flexible, no hassle and no fee

Revenue is earned from the enterprise
merchants who realise significant return by
introducing GNPL to their customer base

Statistically proven to increase individual customer spend and frequency of spend.

Our Benefits For Investors
  • Low Risk
  • Higher Yield
  • No Origination Cost
  • Short Term Instalment
  • Advance Analytics & Dashboard
  • End to End Operations managed by Lamaa

We give direct access to alternative debt investment instruments. Low risk and high yielding returns in the short term across Lamaa’s range of embedded finance B2B services and products.

The Lamaa Investor Marketplace introduces banks, funds, institutional investors, and family offices to higher return and lower risk investment across the B2B landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

LAMAA GNPL is designed for business like you. Get in touch to book a consultation with our specialist to learn if your merchant is in our network.

LAMAA GNPL is a marketplace driving business growth for our Merchants. Get in touch to book a consultation with our specialist to learn.

LAMAA GNPL allows business customers the freedom to choose how and when they want to pay. In other words, you can buy/consume products and services today and conveniently pay later up to 180 days. For MERCHANTS it presents a zero risk opportunity to increase sales and get paid immediately upon delivery.


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