Dynamic Discounting by Lamaa can Revolutionize your Business

Dynamic Discounting by Lamaa can Revolutionize your Business Fintech is fast growing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As more and more non-oil sectors are opening up, the value of a good internal financial system is rising. With most Saudi-Made SMEs making their mark in trading, having a robust Supply Chain has become a priority. For any business to function in a smooth fashion, its working capital and liquidity must both be in shape. Adding a top-notch product like Lamaa’s Dynamic Discounting to the mix improves Supply Chain Finance and in turn, results in overall growth. Understanding Dynamic Discounting Dynamic Discounting is also popularly known as Invoice Discounting. Dynamic Discounting by definition is a financial tool that optimizes a buyer’s profits by reducing the overall cost of goods sold. In simpler terms, dynamic discounting offers suppliers and vendors an option to get paid super early from the buyer than the accepted credit period, in return for a discount on the goods/services they have sold to them. Though this is not a very new concept, applying top-class technology and digitization is brand new as it makes it work as easily as with a click of a button. Lamaa, the First Shariah Compliant Fintech in Saudi Since its inception, Lamaa’s vision has been about encouraging and supporting Saudi-Made SMEs. Lamaa’s best-in-class B2B Fintech products aim at helping SMEs take off to unimaginable heights. Lamaa believes that the SMEs of Saudi have immense potential to take on the world and compete at the global level. Lamaa is one of the first Fintechs in Saudi and also went on to be the first Shariah Compliant Fintech in B2B trade finance. In line with Saudi Vision 2030, Lamaa focuses on getting top-class Fintech Solutions to empower local enterprises of all sizes. Lamaa’s Dynamic Discounting Lamaa’s Dynamic Discounting product aims at providing state-of-the-art technology that when applied to a Supply Chain results in increased margins and reduced costs for both enterprises and suppliers of every size. Lamaa has something in store for each of its partners, be it small-scale suppliers, large enterprises, popular vendors, or financial institutions like banks and other investment firms. Currently, Lamaa is working on launching BNPL and Marketplace Funding which eases and enables users to make quick payments and procure quicker funds. BNPL is directed at small retailers in order to provide them access to instant funding. For Banks and other Institutional investors, Lamaa provides an opportunity to deliver higher returns at no risk and origination costs. Lamaa’s Dynamic Discounting on the other hand has already started making its mark in the Saudi Market. With Kingdom’s top enterprises trusting Lamaa and using Dynamic Discounting to streamline their processes, Lamaa’s Dynamic Discounting has gained a fair share of fame already. Using Dynamic Discounting, enterprises improve their overall financial well-being. Their suppliers get access to early payments and enterprises receive discounts in return. Lamaa’s Dynamic Discounting helps both enterprises and their suppliers achieve great returns that strengthen their bond for a long-term relationship, resulting in stable business growth for both. Word from Lamaa Using Supply Chain Financing tools like Lamaa’s Dynamic Discounting is the key to a secure future. Fintech solutions don’t just help streamline a business, but also bring about clarity in terms of finance and financing, which results in better cash flows, improved profitability strengthened working capital, and better business relations. Lamaa’s Dynamic Discounting is one such solution that can revolutionize your current business.