Invest in your suppliers
Earn Risk Free returns


returns on your Treasury Investments

Zero upfront Cost

Only Success based transaction fee. Zero platform fee and free implementation

Live Dashboard

Allows you to manage your suppliers through advanced analytics

Why Lamaa?

16-40% Average yield

High returns and low risk investment for Corporate treasury, family offices and Private investors.

Zero Cost Deployment

Only a simple call with our onboarding team make the necessary customisations for you.

Paperless & Instant

Online documentation with digital signing ability.

Live Dashboard

Advanced analytics & MIS through AI/ML providing visibility across supply chains.

Smart Algorithms

Allows you to choose the invoices based on predefined rules

Success based fee

We take a small proportion of what you make!

How does it work?


Upload invoices

Lamaa can integrate with all CRM platforms through Data APIs. We can also manually accept invoices. Just upload your vendor invoices and let Lamaa work the magic!


Notification to Vendor

Once the Invoices are uploaded YOU will define a base return expectation or amount of funds available to deploy and the pay date. LAMAA will send a notification to the vendors. Vendors can bid and offer discounts for their invoices to be paid earlier. 


Decision and acceptance

Lamaa will give you the best invoices to pay to maximize your return based on parameters defined by you (vendor priority, services priority, funds available to deploy, etc). All you to do is – “Approve”.


Processing and closure

Lamaa will follow through with the vendors to process contract agreements for discount acceptance and complete all legal formalities online to allow you to  go ahead with the payments. 

LIVE Dashboard

Advanced Analytics & MIS through Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning providing visibility across supply chains

Contribute to Vision 2030

Strengthen your supply chain and earn a healthy return.


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